Styling issues

Issues with search design, missing styles, broken CSS or broken style

The search style is broken after an update

If you see a broken search style, something like on the above screenshot (weird input size, missing colors etc..), then please follow the steps below.

Clear all layers of cache first

The most likely cause is the cache. The server might be loading outdated files. Make sure to clear the page, browser, CDN, minify, asset, object and cloudflare caches.

Also reload your browser by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + R or CTRL + SHIFT + F5 a couple of times.

Swap the CSS loading method

If clearing the cache does not work, then under the Compatibility Options -> CSS & JS loading subpanel, please change the CSS loading method to File instead of the default Optimized.

After making the change, clear all layers of cache, as suggested in the previous point.

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