Plugin update issues or errors

List of possible update errors and how to resolve them

List of errors

There are a few possible error messages the WordPress updater can throw:

  • An error occurred while updating Ajax Search Pro: Update package not available.

Resolving automatic update errors

There could be several reasons why the automatic update fails. Below is the list of possible reasons.

  • Server cache settings which cause the old package return from the server temporary folder. This can be very hard to debug, the best choice is to update manually.

  • You may have a proxy server or a firewall active, make sure to whitelist the plugin update server:

  • Trying to update on a multi-site network while you are just a node and doesn’t have the administrator permission.

  • The file/folder permission issue.

  • Plugin conflict. Try deactivating all the plugins and then try updating.

  • Missing Remote Get function or cURL package for PHP. In this case, contact your service provider.

The best alternative is to update manually.

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