GDPR and Cookie policy

Please read this section if you have concerns about the GDPR and Cookie usage.


The plugin does not collect, store or send any user information whatsoever, therefore it is fully GDPR compliant. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via our support system.

Front-end cookies

By default configuration the plugin does not set any cookies on the site front-end.

However, if the following options are set exactly like on the image below, it may set cookies to store the phrase and the search options on the results page, to memorize them upon pagination. (only the search results listing pages, not on the front page, or any other page anywhere on the site)

The possible cookie names are: asp_data, asp_id, asp_phrase

Once again, these cookies are not set by the default configuration, and have a functional use only - they are not used for data collection.

Back-end cookies

By default, there is no cookie set on the plugin back-end either.

The only cookie used on the admin area is to memorize if the Accessibility option is enabled. This option can be found on any back-end page on the right sidebar.

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