Importing from the Lite version

Importing options from Ajax Search Lite plugin (since version 4.15)

The plugin (since version 4.15) auto-detects, if you had Ajax Search Lite installed previously, and offer a button to import the options from the Lite version to Pro version.

To import the options, simply click on the Ajax Search Pro menu, then under the Create a new search instance fieldset, click the Import from Ajax Search Lite button (don't forget to name the search form as well)

Make sure to check the search options after importing them, as some options might be different in the Lite and Pro versions.

Checking and validating the import

While the import should be seamless across latest releases, it is possible that some differences may occur as both plugins work independently.

Verify the layout by preview

The PRO version has a preview windows, where you can verify the layout, in case of any differences you can make the adjustmends under the Theme Options panel.

Verify the selected post types

Under the Search Sources make sure the correct post types are selected.

Replacing the Lite version shortcode with the Pro version shortcode

Because Ajax Search Lite is only supports a single search instance the shortcodes are different from the Pro version.

In case you have been using the Lite version shortcode:


..with the desired instance shotcode.

The Pro version shortcode can be found under the Ajax Search Pro menu (instances list). And it's format is:

[wd_asp id=1]

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