Search By Product SKU

How to enable product SKU searches for WooCommerce

Search Sources -> Post Type Search -> Search in custom fields

Regular engine (default)

  • Under the Search Sources -> Post Type Search panel scroll down a bit until you see the Search in all custom fields? ..or search in selected custom fields option.

  • Into the search input, type "sku". The field "_sku" should show up.

  • Drag the _sku field to the right side and save the settings.

Index Table engine

For this to work, you need to have a configured and enabled index table engine.

  • On the Index Table -> General panel scroll down until you see the Index Custom Fields option

  • Into the search input type "sku"

  • The field "_sku" should display

  • Drag the field to the right side, and save the settings

  • Click the "Create new Index" button (green button on the top) to index the newly added field

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