Return/Enter key and Magnifier icon click actions

Change what happens by clicking the search magnifier icon or when hitting the keyboard enter key

General Options -> Behavior

These settings control what happens when the user clicks the search bar magnifier icon or hits the enter key on the keyboard.


These option will allow you to either:

  • Redirect when clicking on search icon

  • Redirect when hitting the return key

It is possible to redirect either to the default

  • Results page or WooCommerce results page

  • First Matching result

  • Custom URL

Redirection to custom URL

In case you have a different search template or using permalinks, you can change the redirection URL with this option.

The default value should work with all themes though.

The {phrase} variable is always replaced with the actual search phrase.

This is also a great option to add additional parameters to the redirection. For example if you want to redirect to the WooCommerce product results page, you should change it to "?s={phrase}&post_type=product" like so: