Translating with WPML

Using the WPML String Translation module to translate dynamic components

To enable string translations you will have to install the WPML string translation module. The WPML String Translation module is part of the Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Agency account types.

Follow these steps to translate the plugin correctly

We highly recommend checking out the official WPML String Translation Guide as well as the Getting Started Guide to learn how WPML works

To activate String Translations, start by downloading and installing it from your account in the Downloads section.

1) Place the search shortcode somewhere visible on any page (or use the widget)

2) Open up that page, so the translations will get registered first. This step is very important, otherwise the string translations may not show up

3) Open up the WPML -> String translation menu

4) Change the Select strings within domain option to "ajax-search-pro", so only strings from Ajax Search Pro are visible

5) Now the list will display all ajax search pro related translatable texts.

Please note that the number after each text in the Name column represents the search instance. This way different search instances with the same text can have different translations.

6) Click on the + sign under the language flag to begin the translation to the selected string to that language:

7) Pressing enter or clicking outside the window will save the translation.

For more information and detailed guies please check the official WPML string translation guide.

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