Results information box
Results information box can be displayed above the results, displaying the phrase, number of results and total results

The box is displayed above the search results container.
Information box layout on the search fron-end

Layout Options -> Results Layout & Fields
The box can be enabled on the Layout Options -> Results layout & Fields panel. The information box text can be set under this option, for both when a search phrase was entered, or when the phrase is empty.
It is also possible to use three built-in variables, which are replaced with the corresponding values:
  • {phrase} - is replaced with the search phrase
  • {results_count} - the number of results visible in the list
  • {results_count_total} - the total number of results (useful when using the more results feature)

Theme & Styling -> Results Info Box
The box can be styled under the Theme & Styling -> Result Info Box panel.
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