Individual Priorities

As of version 3.5 it is possible to change the priority of each result. This functionality comes handy, when you want to strictly prioritize some results above others.

These options are available under the Ajax Search Pro -> Priorities submenu.

Filtering the post types

After you click on the Priorities submenu a filtering screen will open, where you can select what type of posts/custom post types do you want to view. You can filter them by post type, blog id, and by a custom title search filter:

How it works?

  • It's only possible to set the priority of posts, pages and custom post types

  • Each result has an initial priority of 100

  • You can change that priority to any integer number you want under the priorities submenu

  • Posts are sorted by priority in descending order

  • If two posts have the same priority, then they are sorted by relevance

  • If two posts have the same relevance, they are sorted by ID (it's changeable on the General Options panel)

Priority only applies if the post shows up in the result list. Priority does not affect the result outcome, only the ordering!

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