Peepso Groups & Group activities search

General Options -> PeepSo

This option is only visible if you have PeepSo and PeepSo groups plugins installed.

Searching & returning Groups as results

The first section of the options enables searching the PeepSo groups. You can choose to search:

  • Public, Private and Closed groups

  • Search by Titles, Descriptions and by Categories

  • ..and also exclude groups by IDs

Searching & returning Group Activities

This section defines if PeepSo group Posts and Comments should be returned.

The search can be restricted to public, closed and secret groups, as well as to groups which the current logged in user actually follows.

PeepSo results & Grouping

Grouping PeepSo results is possible by content type. The grouping options can be found under the Advanced Options -> Grouping pabel. More information about grouping here.

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