Custom result box position

Custom results position will only work as a "block", thus it won't hover over the desired position, but push it down.

As you may have seen on the demo page, the results are not always appearing in a "hovering" style under the search bar. In some cases they are placed elswehere on the page.

The results shortcode is not made to be used as a custom results page! It is only to position (detach) the live search results list away from the search bar, on the same page.

If you want to place the results somewhere else, you need to place the results box shortcode to the desired position. (the shortcode can be found for each instance on the options panel)

Both regular and theme shortcodes are provided.

You can quickly insert this shortcode to a page or post, by using the post editor.

After the changes you should see the results appearing on the desired position, pushing down the content below it.

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