Auto Populate - Automatic search results on initial page load

Layout Options -> Search box Layout -> Auto Populate

From version 4.8 (22. feb. 2016) the plugin supports automatic search results.

By default this options is disabled.

Auto populate modes to choose from the list

  • Disabled (default)

  • Enabled - Results for a search phrase - You will be prompted to enter a search phrase you want to display the results for.

  • Enabled - Latest results - Will display the latest results for an empty search phrase. The search configuration will not be ignored!

Auto populate for an empty search phrase

This configuration will trigger the search with an empty search phrase, thus the results will be following the default primary and secondary ordering.

Results count

There is an additional field for results count, which is different from the non-automatic results count. It's useful if you want to display more or less results than the regular live search.

Please keep this count below 50. A high results count can cause the browser to freeze or the ajax request to fail.

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