Settings layout, position and visibility

Frontend Search Settings -> General


As of plugin version 3.5 the search lets you select two different layout position for the frontend settings panel:

  • Hovering - this is the default, hovers under the settings icon

  • Block - shows the settings integrated under the search as a block, unless it's positioned elswhere with the Custom Settings shortcode

If the Block or Custom search settings position is selected, you can use the Custom Setting position shortcode to place the search settings anywhere on the page.


By default the search settings are hidden. Showing the settings however can be beneficial, especially in the "Block" position (see previous section).

Turning on the Set search settings to visible by default? option the search settings will be visible on the page load, without needing to click the settings icon switch.

Displaying the search settings without the hiding switch (icon)

Showing the search settings without the option for the user to turn off is often useful, when using the "block" layout. By turning OFF the switch, turning ON the visibility and changing the layout to "block" will display a premanent settings below the search bar:

..results in:

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