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Frontend Search Settings -> Search button

This feature was added in version 4.13.1

The search button can be enabled to be visible on the search filters box. This button can be used as a trigger to the live search, or to redirect to the search results page.

Functionality settings

This option decides what happens when the button is pressed. The supported actions are:

  • Trigger live search (default)

  • Redirect to the results page

  • Redirect to the WooCommerce results page

  • Redirect to a custom URL

  • Do nothing

If you wish to use only the search button as a search trigger, then you need to disable all the other ones under the General Options -> Logics & Behaviour panel. After disabling these triggers, only the search button will activate the search process.

Visual settings - design & layout

The visual options let you change the text, alignment, colors, fonts an other button settings. Clicking on the button or the Select a button theme link, you can choose from pre-defined button themes as well.

Search button position in the filters list

By default the search button is positioned as last in the filters list. It however depends on the filters layout as well.

To change the buttons position, navigate to the Frontend Search Settings -> Advanced Menu, where you should see a drag & drop type option. On the bottom of it, you should see the search_button item. Dragging it will change it's position.

The buttons position may also be affected by the column layout. This layout can be changed on the Frontend Search Settings -> General panel.

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