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Index table - generating, configuring and enabling the index table

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Index Table

Plugin version 4.5. introduces index table search engine. Index table is used to make the database queries faster and lighter. The index table must be generated before use.

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  • Much faster lookup in the database

  • Less database-heavy operations - every keyword operation uses the table indexes, therefore no full table lookup, nor temporary tables are needed.

  • CAN index shortcode contents!

  • Indexes selected PODs custom fields contents, that connect to a custom table

  • Good for big databases

  • Better relevancy calculation


  • Can't search for exact matches - the index table consists of separated keywords with relational and relevancy data. There is no way of determining the sorrounding keywords, therefore exact matching is not possible.

  • Can't search word inner parts, only beginnings and endings

    • for example "rat" NOT match "karate"

    • but "kar" will match "karate"

    • and "rate" will match "karate"

  • Has to be configured before use.

  • Only one index configuration for every search instance

Should I use the index table engine?

Short answer, yes, you should. You definitely should if you:

  • Want to search shortcode content

  • Want to search tags, categories or any terms related to posts

  • Custom fields content

  • Have a big database of posts

Which type of content can be indexed?

You can index posts, pages and any custom post type. (products, forums, topics, etc..)

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