Media Service Feature

How to enable your media parser subscription via a license key

The Media Service is an external feature to handle very accurate file content indexing. Your PDF, text type & Office files are sent to one of our high performance server to extract all the text information.

License key

After purchasing a Media Parser subscription or a Free license key via our shop, you should get a license key to the specified email address.

A license key will look like this:




For the license key to work, the index table engine has to be configured to index media attachment contents.

After configuration, on the index table engine options, the Media Parser License Key option should be visible.

Copy/Paste your license key to the input field to start the activation process.

After a brief amount of time your license will be activated, indicated by a green tick.

After the activation, the license code and the "Deactivate" button should be visible, along with the usage statistics.


Media Service File Access Method

The file access method determines, whether the files are directly sent to the remote server, or only the URL of the files is sent for downloading.

  • Send the files to the server (default) - Best for locally stored files. The file contents are sent via a secure POST method directly to the media service server. This is recommended, especially for local installations. This will not work, if the files are not stored on the local server.

  • Send only the URL to download the file - Best for remotely stored files. Only the file public download URL is sent, and the server initiates a download. This will not work on local installations (localhost, wamp, xampp etc..), or in cases where the files are not publicly accessible.


How do I know, if a file content was indexed via the Media Service?

If the remote service was used, the contents are stored in a local custom field. On the media library screen a new text field is displayed, with the media file text contents. If that field is not visible, the file was not indexed.

Some of my files were not indexed, why?

The most likely reasons are:

  • The file may not be accessible by the media parser. Make sure to choose the correct method for sending the file.

  • The file exceeds the maximum allowed file size of your subscription. (Free: 25MB, Starter: 50MB, Standard: 75MB, Expert and Ultimate: 100MB) Check if the file is larger as the subscription limit.

  • The file mime type is not selected, or the file content indexing is not turned on for that file type. Please check the media file attachment content search documentation for that.

Can I use a single license on multiple sites?

Yes - it is not bound to a domain. The usage is counted per license basis, it does not matter how many sites it is used on.

When I purchase a subscription, and I already have a FREE subscription, will it automatically upgrade?

No - You will get a separate license key for each paid subscription. First you need to simply deactivate the free license key, and activate the paid key. Your Free license key will still be available to use any time.

GDPR and Data Protection

The information sent to the Media Share Service servers is not shared nor sold in any way to anyone. Files are immediately deleted after the document processing is completed.

What information is sent?

With every request to index a document, the plugin needs to send:

  • The document/URL to the document (obviously) for indexing

  • Your license key - to validate your request

No other additional information is sent to our servers.

What information do we keep?

We only keep the number of queries per license key - that is needed to calculate your remaining quota. All other data is dismissed.

Do you log any IP or other personal information, which may identify us?

No, we do not use any of that.

We use firewalls to protect our servers, just like any other server on the internet, which checks IP addresses. However that information is not associated with any personal or company data (like addresses, browsers etc..)

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