Results count, keyword logic, exact matches

The first four options represent the very basic behavior of how the keywords should be handled:

  • Max. results (default: 10) - the number of maximum results in the search box

  • Show exact matches only (default: Off) - if enabled, the search will return only exactly matching phrases. This feature is not available if the index table engine.

  • Keyword logic (default: OR) - defines the logical operator used between multiple search phrases. More info in the keyword logic section of this documentation.

  • Category/Term logic (default: AND) - defines the logical operator between available terms per taxonomy of a post.

    • AND - displays the result only if each of the terms (for example categories) match.

      If any of the categories matching the post is excluded or unchecked on the front-end, the result is not displayed.

    • OR - displays the result if at least one of the terms (for example categories) match. If at least one category is not excluded where the post belongs, it will be displayed.